MKT 450 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work




MKT 450 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work


Grand Canyon MKT 450 Week 2 Discussion 1

Why is accurate problem definition critical to the decision-making process?


Grand Canyon MKT 450 Week 2 Discussion 2

In your own words, briefly explain the key steps in the decision-making process.


Grand Canyon MKT 450 Week 2 Assignment Collaborative Learning Community

Marketing Plan Topic

This is a CLC Assignment.

1) In your instructor assigned CLC group: Teams are to begin researching and selecting a new product for the Strategic Marketing Plan assignment.

  1. a)      Each team should select a new product idea which is unique in the class. To minimize the chances of duplication of the product ideas, the selection of your product idea should be made as soon as possible and sent to your instructor for approval. The type of company and product selection must have come from group consensus and not group voting (that is, everyone has to agree).
  2. b)      Each Team should treat their product idea as a real business opportunity. Teams must be realistic and valid with their assumptions in every aspect of launching the new product.

Please submit a 250-500 word description of your team product.

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