GCU LDR 462 Week 3 Discussions Latest




GCU LDR 462 Week 3 Discussions Latest

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 Briefly describe how you used problem-solving skills to resolve a problem you encountered during your volunteering experience.(The problem may not have been one in the organization. It could be one you encountered that had to do with your role or how you were going to accomplish things as a volunteer.) After you have posted your contribution, read the contributions of two or three other students and make constructive suggestions as to alternate ways they might have dealt with the problem they presented. Be as specific as you can – do not simply say something like, “you should have handled it differently.”

DQ2 The IDEAL problem-solving process developed by Bradford and Stein (1993) is implemented by: (I) Identifying the problem, (D) Defining the problem, (E) Exploring strategies, (A) Acting on ideas, and (L) Looking for effects. Think back to the problem you discussed in DQ1 or use a new problem that you have experienced in your volunteer (internship) experience. How can you use the IDEAL problem-solving process to help you solve the issue you have encountered? Please give examples that engage each of the steps in the IDEAL model.

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