GCU HLT 515 Week 2 Discussion Latest




GCU HLT 515 Week 2 Discussion Latest

HLT515 Social Behavior and Cultural Factor in Public Health

Week 2 Discussion


Present one theory or model within the field of public health which describes either how people maintain health and/or how illness is caused? Presentation of the theory or model may be submitted in graphic or narrative format. Even if this is not your personal viewpoint/belief, how can these multiple theories and models be beneficial to public health professionals? It is not appropriate to repeat one that has already been posted unless you are providing new information. Review all peer submissions and become familiar with the multiple theories and models. Respond to three peers’s posts asking any questions or verifying your analysis of the theory/model.


What role should culture play in how a person’s health issues are handled? Is this demonstrated in the health system today? Support your position with examples and/or evidence.

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